In Review: Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #4

Pandora's army is here. The Earth is defenseless, and war has arrived.

Synopsis: Pandora’s army is here. The Earth is defenseless, and war has arrived. Scarab, in Earth orbit, faces the might of the invaders firsthand, while Samson attempts to hold back an overwhelming force alone. Meanwhile, at the hospital bed of a wounded child, Black Terror must hold the line against horrifically transformed The Death-Defying Devil. P:andora wants the girl Imani dead. But why?

Review: The thrills and action continue in this fourth issue as Earths heroes work to stop Pandora from getting his box back.

The Story

The story kicks off with a brief flashback to 1944 and Masquerade thinking back to heroes of the past. It is on her to stop the devil from getting to Imani the new American Spirit.

Meanwhile out in space Scarab has learned that his suit is becoming more powerful as he gets closer to P:andora’s ship, but his optimism could prove to be his undoing.

Back on Earth Samson is battling P:andora’s forces in an effort to protect the earth. No one is going to die on Samson’s watch.

Rob Williams does a superb job of continuing the story from the last issue and introducing Masquerade at the beginning with a flashback to 1944 is a fun move.

I’m loving the long drawn out speeches from Pandora as he wades through every single bit of opposition that is being thrown at him.

The Artwork

Sergio Fernandez Davila provides some wonderful art in this issue.

I particularly enjoyed the full page spread on page six of Masquerade very quickly being awoken from her thoughts in the present day. I also liked the work he did for page 11 where we see Scarab in space as he begins to realize the danger he is truly in.


This issue strings together a bunch of epic action beats as Pandora makes his way to Earth where he will have to deal with all of the earth’s Heroes.

There are some really fun character beats in this issue, but most enjoyable is the way Pandora is speaking like the classic Bond villain.

I look forward to the next issue.

Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #4
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