In Review: Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #3

A brilliant issue, which has me so hyped for what is to come next month.

Synopsis: Flight is dead. The invasion has begun, a Project Superpowers team member has been killed and another is missing. Meanwhile, Amani gets a visitor in the hospital. But is it the one she wants? If it’s darkest before the dawn, this is midnight for the world. And Pandora wants his box. Can anyone stand in his way?

Review: This latest issue gets off to a cracking start as we meet the main villain of the piece P:andora and he wants his box back.

The Story

No time is wasted in this issue as we get thrown right into P:andora and his epic monologue, which does an absolutely stunning job of setting the scene. To put it bluntly. Our heroes are up the proverbial creek without a paddle and it’s only going to get worse.

Rob William’s opening monologue for the villain is absolutely wonderful and in the best tradition of overconfident villains.

Back on earth Scarab and Black Terror watch over the limp body of a young woman who is wrapped in the Stars and Stripes flag. They are trying to determine if this young woman truly is the new host for the American Spirit. When Scarab tries to remove the Flag from the girl he gets an unpleasant reaction. The two heroes talk awhile and wonder why all the Scarabs technology still works when the rest of the world is in a blackout.

This issue has a little something for all the remaining heroes to do and we get some fun moments with Samson who tells a fun story about his father. The original Samson that seen off the Philistines.

The issue closes out with a wonderful cliffhanger that sees Masquerade being possessed and the Scarab going up against P:andora’s ship.

The Artwork

Sergio Davila’s artwork continues to leave me in awe.

His drawings of the various scenes shine we a really cinematic quality and the panels that introduce P:andora at the beginning of the issue are some of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.

I also loved the artists’ drawings of the various space debris and satellites that Scarab flew by while investigating.


A brilliant issue, which has me so hyped for what is to come next month. I sense things are going to get really bad for our heroes before they’ll get better.

Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #3
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