In Review: Project: Superpowers Vol. 3 #1

The Project Superpowers heroes came from the past, now they have to prove their relevance in the modern world.

Synopsis: The Project Superpowers heroes came from the past, now they have to prove their relevance in the modern world. A 21st Century threat is coming for us all. What dread secrets does The Death Defying Devil hold? The Lighthouse will rise and the Spirit of The American Flag will take on a new host. But will it be enough? Can superheroes still save the day?

Review: For those not in the know. Project Superpowers is a series from Dynamite comics, which explores a new set of pulp heroes. The concept is an obvious homage to the likes of Doc Savage, The Shadow and all the original pulp heroes of the 30’s and 40’s.

This third volume of adventures begins with Masquerade questioning the relevance of superheroes in the 21st century. While being interviewed on television she explains that the world is no longer as simple a place as it was in the 1940’s. Back then they knew who the bad guys were. In the 21st century, things are more complicated. The bad guy could well be your next door neighbor.

The last volume of adventures, which started in 2016 saw Project Superpowers time traveling to the present day. Now in the present, the group of heroes has disbanded because they no longer know what battles they are meant to fight.

The great thing about this first issue is you do not really need to have read the previous volume in order to get to know the characters because they are introduced again as the story slowly unfolds.

When some mysterious force starts manipulating planes trying to crash them. The Project Superpowers team come to the rescue, but the villain they are dealing with is a complete unknown.

Rob Williams does a superb job of introducing us to this world where Project Superpowers exist and much like our own world. Things are not as black and white as they seem. I especially enjoyed how he wrote Masquerade’s television interview, which in a nutshell sums everything up that is wrong with the new DC movies. They have become so busy deconstructive their heroes that there is no wonder left. Masquerade says they she and her ilk were built on wonder.

As the disaster unfolds were are gradually introduced to Green Lama, Black Terror, Scarab and a few others. I literally flew the pages of this issue as I got so hooked.

The artwork is superb. Especially the panels concerning the planes being taken off their flight paths and Green Lama’s initial struggle to keep everything together until help arrived.

Overall. This is a really strong first issue and has got me interested enough to actually go back and try and get the previous issues so I can read volume one & two.


Project: Superpowers Vol. 3 #1
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