In Review: Project Power (Netflix)

'Project Power' is a really enjoyable action-adventure movie, which gives plenty of boom for its buck.

Synopsis: When a drug that gives its users unpredictable superpowers for five minutes hits the streets of New Orleans, a teenage pusher and a local cop must team with an ex-soldier to take down the group responsible for its creation.


The Story

When a new drug hits the streets of New Orleans Frank is put on the case where he soon meets up with Robin a young teen who has been pushing the drug on the streets but has been helping Frank with his investigation. Things get really interesting when Art arrives on the scene. Art is ex-military and his daughter happens to be the source of the drug and has been kidnapped by the pharmaceutical company that has designs on mass producing and mass marketing the drug in hopes of improving its potency.

At first Frank, Robin and Art are at cross purposes, but once they realize that they are a good team. They proceed to blow lots of stuff up and rescue Art’s daughter.


The Acting

Both Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are well cast as the ex-soldier and the cop, but the real surprise in this film is Dominique Fishback who is outstanding as Robin who has dreams of becoming a world-famous rap artist. There’s a wonderful scene midway through the film where Art gets Robin to rap for him and throws a few words her way. He then goes on to tell her that her ability to rap is the power that she can use to get out of the system that has been holding her down. The acting chemistry between the three leads is really strong and Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to channel his best Clint Eastwood impersonation at various points in the film, which is kind of cheesy, but it works.



While the premise of gaining powers via a drug isn’t a new one ‘Project Power’ executes it really, really well by just throwing us straight into the action with very little in the way of exposition. We get introduced to the world initially through the eyes of Frank and Robin as they initiate a sting operation on some dealers. The movie waste little time in getting the story going. As we see a sting operation, which is followed up fairly quickly by the introduction of Art to the storyline.

The visuals throughout are really solid especially when it comes to showing us what the various powers are. The sequence toward the end of the film where Art pops one of the pills and processed to superheat a load of water to take down the bad guys is impressive as hell.

The film does come to a close with the trio all sort of going their separate ways, but there is a possible opening for a sequel thanks to one scene in the movie having an unresolved plot thread, which sees the leader of a South American Cartel leave an explosive situation with a suitcase full of the drug. It is during the scene where the Pharma company is giving a demonstration of the drug in order to try and get additional funding for their plans to roll it out in other major US cities.

Overall. ‘Project Power’ is a really enjoyable action-adventure movie, which gives plenty of boom for its buck. We get treated to some solid action sequences and strong acting performances from all the films leads and its a relatively self-contained story, but has a little wiggle room for a sequel should Netflix order one. Hopefully, they will do just that based on the audience reaction and critical reception that the film has enjoyed.

Project Power (Netflix)
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