The mysterious Man in Black kidnaps Hynek

Synopsis: The mysterious Man in Black kidnaps Hynek, which sends Quinn on a mission with the CIA to follow him and rescue Hynek.

Review: We end up learning a lot more about the mysterious man in black aka William.

The Story

When Hynek is kidnapped by the Men in Black who are being led on this mission by William who had Hynek steal alien artifacts for him in the last series. Quinn enlists Daniel Banks help to try and find him.

William enlists Hynek on a mission to find more Alien metal from the site of an incident in Washington that involved a Fisherman. To that end, they pay a visit to the Fisherman to get the map coordinates of where be sighted the aliens, but the fisherman denies what he saw, which forces Hynek to improvise somewhat in order to keep himself and the Fisherman alive. William steadfastly believes he is close to making the first contact with Alien life and is prepared to do whatever it takes to prove his point.

Meanwhile, back at the blue book HQ. Mimi has learned about William and found a possible lead that helps Quinn and Banks find Hynek.


Ian Tracey is absolutely fantastic in the role of William who hovers between rational and totally unstable throughout most of the episode. The dynamic between William and Hynek continues to allow for Hynek to do his science thing and come up with rational explanations for things, which proves to be both intriguing and frustrating for the viewer given that we have seen Hynek pretty much get taken in on a number of occasions by Alien artifacts and strange events.

I also enjoyed seeing Jerod Haynes and Michael Malarkey work together as Agent Banks and Captain Quinn form a partnership of sorts that helps them track down Hynek. The bit in the Police station where the Police Sherriff refuses to speak directly to banks because of his own racism made for uncomfortable viewing but served as a reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go as a society toward accepting each other for who we are.

As with previous weeks. Haynes is proving to be a great addition to the ‘Project Blue Book’ cast and I’m looking forward to seeing what role he will play in the weeks ahead as the Airforce have a court battle with the CIA.


A pretty solid episode, which gave more insight into the character of William as well as allowing for more character development for Agent Banks. The question remains. What is William trying to find in Antarctica? I guess we’re going to find out in the weeks ahead.

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