Hynek and Quinn face the tremendous pressure of preventing a possible third world war...

Synopsis: Hynek and Quinn face the tremendous pressure of preventing a possible third world war when a series of unidentified flying and submersible objects are discovered during a largescale naval exercise that takes place near Russian waters.

The Story

Hynek and Quinn are sent out to see by Senator John F. Kennedy to investigate a UFO sighting, which involves a submersible object coming out of the sea during the build-up to a multinational large scale naval exercise near to Russian waters. When they arrive at the ship they find that Admiral of the ship has ordered all his men to keep quiet about the sighting and that he has put the fleet on a war footing. Hynek and Quinn must race against time to find evidence of the UFO sighting and prevent the Admiral from making unwarranted aggressive moves into the Russian Border.

Back at Blue Book. The Generals are interviewing Hynek’s wife Mimi and ask if she can do a face to face meeting with captured Russian spy Susie Miller.

The Acting

Colm Feore puts in a brilliant performance as the Admiral who simply will not be swayed and has no faith in Hynek or Quinn from the start. Feore does a great job of portraying how obsessive the Admiral is about staging an attack in Russian waters. Michael Malarkey also puts in a great performance. The scene where he points out to Quinn that the Admiral was preparing to stage an attack was played out brilliantly.


This is an epic season two finale and hopefully we’ll get another series to see some of the loose ends left by this episode tied up. Quinn is now assumed dead or MIA and it seems that everyone has given up the ghost accept for Hynek who has gone to William for help in finding Quinn.

I loved the historical context of this episode as well as the various references to triangles. I.e. the shape of the alien craft as well as the triangular route on the world map that seems to be a pattern of where all the various sightings have transpired. This second series has been a lot stronger than the first and the introduction on John F. Kennedy a few episodes ago has really added something to it and has the conspiracy theorist in me wondering if Blue Book may have been one of the things Kennedy knew about that got him shot in 1963.

Overall. Bring on the third season. We want answers.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 2 – Operation Mainbrace
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