Hynek and Quinn get called to a rural home in Kentucky to investigate an alleged alien attack.

Synopsis: A supposed alien invades a rural home in Kentucky, which prompts the CIA to give Hynek and Quinn access to their top-secret program known as MK Ultra, which asserts that the alien attack has the potential to be the beginning of a larger plan.

Review: Project Blue Book continues to amaze and astound, but the added involvement of the CIA has added more spice to an already bubbling pot.

The Story

When a family witnesses a flying saucer and sees what they believe to be aliens in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hynek and Quinn are dispatched to investigate and initially, it seems to be all by the numbers as Hynek prepares to do his job of coming up with a plausible cover up to prevent panic. All that changes when they get a visit from CIA agent Daniel Banks who warns the two Blue Book investigators of a pending alien invasion and introduces them to the CIA’s top-secret program MK Ultra. They are introduced to a psychic called Rebecca who does some remote drawing of an alien attach while Quinn is sat with her. Hynek who is observing from outside the room is not convinced with the science behind it all and continues on the path of disproving the invasion and alien sighting as fake and with help from Mimi and her friend from the UFO group he achieves just that. Things take an interesting turn when the CIA sends military troops into Hopkinsville to prepare for an attack, which leads Hynek and Quinn down another rabbit hole, which sees the Generals having to concoct a cover story of their own.

By the close of the episode, it becomes far more apparent that the US Airforce and CIA are working their own angles with regards to aliens and cover-ups, which gives us a fun scene between Agent Banks and the two Generals.

Elsewhere, Susie Miller has trouble fulfilling her mission for her KGB handler and gets a bit roughed up. Ever the resilient and resourceful woman that she is. Susie manages to escape and contact her new handler with an ultimatum of her own.

The Acting

Aidan Gillen puts in an interesting performance this week as Hynek, who seems to be playing things a lot more by the book than normal as he becomes invested in proving the UFO sighting and the little aliens as fake. This is an interesting angle and most likely something to do with what happened to him and Quinn in last week’s episode when the two lost a few hours worth of memories when they discovered the secret Airforce facility in Broomwood near Area 51.

We also get more great scenes from Jerod Haynes as Daniel Banks. His introductory scene sets up the whole MK Ultra thing, but for me, the best scene is the macho pissing contest between him and General Harding by the close of the episode where Banks pretty much tells the two Generals that he is onto them. The boxing references were a ton of fun and the tension between Banks and Harding was electric.


Another solid episode with some great performances and wonderful historical touchstones to do with Alien sightings and well-known conspiracy theories. I loved how they introduced MK Ultra into the story and especially found the fact that Hynek was being so stubbornly logical given what he has already seen to be an interesting plot point. We also get more of what the two Generals are covering up and how they seem to be on the edge of a war footing with the CIA.

Overall. Some brilliant stuff to chew over until next week. When I’m sure we’ll get more meat and potatoes to think about when it comes to UFO’s, Aliens and such. But for me. The whole thing between the Airforce and CIA is intriguing.

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