In Review: Project Blue Book: Season 1 – War Games

As Hynek and Quinn look into a film showing soldiers under attack by a UFO, they find that the damage extends beyond the physical. 

Synopsis: As Hynek and Quinn look into a film showing soldiers under attack by a UFO, they find that the damage extends beyond the physical.

Review: The conspiracy deepens as Hynek and Quinn investigate an alleged alien attack.

The Story

Hynek and Quinn are called to an Army base in order to investigate a platoon of soldiers who according to a video were attacked by Aliens. But it quickly becomes apparent that the soldier’s wounds are far more than just physical.

Meanwhile, at Hynek’s home. Mimi has learned about Donna’s disappearance and has assumed that her nosy neighbor has gone off with another man. When in fact she was really killed by Susie Miller’s handler. Susie teaches Mimi to fire a gun so she can better protect herself.

Elsewhere the two generals are continuing to operate a secret project to try and communicate with aliens through various military personnel that has been exposed to them. In this case a Corporal Wells.

The Acting

There are some great performances in this episode. Particularly good were the various actors playing the soldiers who believed they’d been attacked by Aliens. When in fact it is revealed that they were drugged via mortar fire with a psychotropic compound, which the military plans to use on enemy soldiers.

Both Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey are great in this episode. As the two men begin to realize that they do not fully trust each other.


A really strong episode, which is full of mystery and conspiracy as both Quinn and Hynek begin to realize that they are smaller players in a much bigger game. The surprise on the faces of the Generals when they are told that the Army has been drugging their own soldiers with psychotropic drugs to test them is really revealing.

I am also intrigued to find out who the mysterious man in black in that has been giving Hynek snippets of information. Will Hynek bring Quinn into his private investigations given that he now knows that Quinn is perhaps as much a pawn in this game than he is?

With only two episodes of this first season left. I can’t wait to find out some answers. If indeed any are forthcoming.


Project Blue Book: Season 1 - War Games
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