In Review: PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – The Washington Merry-Go-Round

When Washington DC is menaced by UFOs, Hynek and Quinn must get to the bottom of it and avert an international crisis. 

Synopsis: When Washington DC is menaced by UFOs, Hynek and Quinn must get to the bottom of it and avert an international crisis.

Review: In the season one finale. Hynek and Quinn come to an important realization, which will most likely save their lives…

The Story

Set just hours after last week’s cliffhanger. Hynek has rushed to Washington DC with Captain Quinn in order to witness another UFO sighting. When they are both summoned to the Pentagon the Generals are pushing for an explanation and seem pretty keen to blame the Russians. But the Secretary of Defence seems to show a little willingness to give Hynek and Quinn a little rope. While providing a logical explanation to the Press Hynek receives another tip-off from the mysterious man in black that has been feeding him information. Hynek tries to get away from Quinn in order to meet his contact. But Quinn follows him. The man provides Hynek with some microfilm, which shows a missile being taken down by one of the mysterious lights. Hynek and Quinn take this to the Secretary of Defense and a meeting is set with Hynek and the President. But before that happens the Secretary of Defense is killed by a car bomb, which shifts suspicion back on the Russians.

Elsewhere Mimi finds a bug in her phone and contacts Susie Miller for advice. Wanting to offer support Susie lets Mimi stay with her at her place. The two discuss the kiss that happened in last weeks episode and Mimi pretty much says it can’t go any further than just friendship. When Mimi returns to her home with Susie she finds that her neighbor is being taken away by the authorities because they suspect he has been spying for the Russians.

Back in DC, the lights make a second appearance and Quinn goes up with a squad of fighters to engage and get a closer look. After having engaged the lights Quinn comes to the conclusion that it is not the Russians, but Hynek tells the military hearing that Quinn was likely seeing things due to flying at excessive speeds and a lack of oxygen. After the hearing, Hynek tells Quinn that it is best that they act like they do not believe in the UFOs for their own protection.

The Acting

Both Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey are fantastic in this episode as Hynek and Quinn start to get on the same page. It is obvious that Quinn is becoming a believer, but is wanting to rush in, which is why he needs Hynek to hold him back.


This was a fantastic way to end the season. We are still left all kinds of questions, but now that both Hynek and Quinn are on the same page. It will be more fun to see how the second series of investigations play out.

I really enjoyed the combat sequence in which Quinn tries to engage the lights. The CGI models of the old jet fighters were fantastic and really well done.

The close of the episode is also wonderful to see as and has me really excited for the second season.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 - The Washington Merry-Go-Round
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