In Review: PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – The Scoutmaster

A scoutmaster disappears, and Hynek investigates.

Synopsis: After a group of scouts witnesses something hovering in the woods, their supervisor disappears, and Hynek investigates.

Review: Hynek is flummoxed when a missing person case takes on all kinds of complications.

The Story

When Hynek is called into investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Scoutmaster. All the town seems to believe it to be an alien abduction case, but things get complicated when the scoutmaster turns up alive and presents Hynek with some pretty compelling evidence.

Meanwhile, Quinn is sent on a mission to get information from a spy, but things are not as they seem to be when General Harding makes him aware of a much deeper conspiracy.

The Acting

Graham Greene a wonderful guest appearance as a Native American member of the Choctaw people who have a connection to Star People and practiced a particular ritual, which winds up being a key piece of information that helps Hynek out.

Aidan Gillen also puts in a great performance. And has a specifically good scene where he has to be fairly confrontational with the Scoutmaster.


This was a great episode. Not only because it deals with alien abduction, but also because it winds up being one of the few investigations we have seen to date where Hynek has actually been able to prove it all to be a faked UFO sighting.

I really appreciated the Choctaw element to the storyline and the mention of the ancient tradition of head binding, which gives people that have undergone the process a similar profile to the iconic Aliens that we know as the greys. The episode has got me quite curious about maybe reading up on the Choctaw and some of the mythology and stories that the tribe believed or indeed believe in.

Also good was the continuation of the ongoing conspiracy storyline and how Quinn is now sort of a part of it and has figured out that the General was playing a bit of a game with him in order to find out what he knew about missing items of evidence.

I look forward to seeing how this all develops next week.

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