In Review: PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – The Lubbock Lights

Hynek investigates when something V-shaped is seen in the skies above Texas at the same time as a blackout hits Lubbock. 

Synopsis: Hynek investigates when something V-shaped is seen in the skies above Texas at the same time as a blackout hits Lubbock.

Review: Things get serious this week when Hynek’s need to get to the truth has General Harding wondering if he is likely to be a problem that needs solving.

The Story

When a radar operator sees lights in the sky, which form a flying V shape. Hynek and Quinn are called in to investigate. As the investigation progresses Quinn experiences a close call when he gets into their car, which becomes somehow caught in an electrical field when a UFO flies over.

Elsewhere in Texas, the Generals have ordered that a journalist that writes about UFO’s be silenced and they send some people to intimidate him.

Back at Hynek’s home. His wife Mini is getting very nervous due to a stranger that seems to be following her. So she builds an atomic bomb shelter with some help from Susie and also changes the locks on the front door.

The Acting

This week we get a little more character development for General Harding who is played brilliantly by Neal McDonough who gets a fair bit to do in this episode.

Also putting in a great performance is Laura Mennell who plays Mimi.


This for me is the episode that kind of launches the series into the next level. While the first two episodes hinted at there being a conspiracy. This episode pretty much confirms it. The fact that both Quinn and Hynek have had a close encounter, which neither of them can deny pretty much gives them both a wake-up call to just how much they are being told to create cover stories for. Also, the fact that Harding and Valentine actually provide them with a cover story is even more cause for them to be alarmed.

Mimi being followed is also a bit of a concern. The scene where she tells Hynek that someone has been following her is somewhat tense. Hynek almost pretty much reveals that he too has been seeing strange men in long coats as well, but he very quickly covers himself and dismisses it.

Also good was the fact that the two Generals have someone to answer too.

So in short. The plot has thickened and I am really looking forward to seeing what Hynek and Quinn have to look into in next weeks episode.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 - The Lubbock Lights
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