In Review: Project Blue Book: Season 1 – The Flatwoods Monster

Hynek and Quinn investigate a UFO crash in West Virginia.

Synopsis: Hynek and Quinn investigate a UFO crash in West Virginia. Where something was seen emerging from the burning wreckage.

Review: This week we get our first investigation of a UFO crash site.

The Story

When a UFO crashes in a West Virginia a woman and her two children witness the aftermath of it and claim to have seen a monster in the wreckage. Hynek and Quinn are dispatched to investigate and interview the witnesses but run across a hostile crowd outside the woman house.

Hynek manages to come up with a feasible story for the Government to tell the town, but matters are made worse when the woman leaks what she saw to the local newspaper, which complicates Hynek and Quinn’s task of calming the townsfolks down. We also learn that the woman was visited by some mysterious men with hats, possibly the men in black perhaps.

The Acting

The chemistry between Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey as the two principal characters continue to develop as Quinn continues to play things by the book while Hynek is more for getting at the truth of the situation irrespective of what the mandate is from the Airforce.


This was a pretty solid second episode that begins to unravel a little bit more of the conspiracy storyline, which was kicked off last week with the introduction of Susie Miller. This week Susie teaches Hynek’s wife how to drive, which is a fun and innocent little scene. Insofar as the conspiracy. We do learn toward the end of the episode that the Airforce recovered the wreckage from the crash site.

Overall the pacing of this weeks episode seemed a little slower than last week. There weren’t any action beats as such. But we did get solid acting performances from all concerned and some fairly disturbing insights into human nature and the psychology of fight or flight.

The visual effect of the monsters at the start of the episode was pretty good as was the child’s drawing of it, which was used in the newspaper article later on in the episode.

Project Blue Book: Season 1 - The Flatwoods Monster
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