In Review: PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – Abduction

Hynek and Quinn are held hostage by a couple who claim that the man was kidnapped by extraterrestrials. 

Synopsis: Hynek and Quinn are held hostage by a couple who claim that the man was kidnapped by extraterrestrials.

Review: Things heat up in this penultimate episode of the first season.

The Story

Following on from last weeks episode and the ultimatum that Mimi gave him. Hynek is about to hand his letter of resignation into Quinn, but he is having second thoughts. But before any of that can get resolved both Hynek and Quinn find themselves held hostage by a man and his wife that claim he was abducted by Aliens.

Meanwhile, Susie Miller has been ordered by her handler to exploit her friendship with Mimi in order to steal some film.

The Acting

Malcolm Goodwin is brilliant as the former army soldier Thomas who was supposedly abducted by Aliens in the series. The scene where Hynek hypnotizes him is performed brilliantly.

Both Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey also put in great performances as Hynek and Quinn finally come to blows.


This was a fantastic episode filled with dramatic tension throughout. I really enjoyed seeing the principal characters in a situation where they did not have the upper hand. Malcolm Goodwin was awesome as Thomas who was suffering a great deal as a result of his abductors.

I also enjoyed the ongoing friendship between Mimi and Susie Miller, which very much seems to be going to a whole other level. Of course, that is only if Mimi remembers her drunken roll with Susie. But it looks very much like Susie is going to go rogue in future episodes.

We didn’t see any of the two Generals this week, which is probably a good thing because this episode needed a relatively stripped back cast in order to sell the tension.

By the close of the episode. It is very obvious that Hynek has reconsidered his resignation, which will likely cause trouble for his relationship with Mimi in future episodes. The last thing we see is Hyneck rushing out to fly too Washington where he will supposedly see proof of Extraterrestrial life.

Overall. Solid episode, which has set things up wonderfully for what I am sure will be a thrilling season finale.

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