In Review: PRODIGY #6 (OF 6)

The final chapter of Mark Millar's Sci-Spy Thriller

Synopsis: Edison has cracked the code, and the threat the world faces is worse than he could ever imagine. The forces of evil are uniting, rising up to destroy Earth and slaughter mankind. How can Edison protect the human race from total destruction?

Review: Mark Millar wraps up his Spy-Fi thriller in style with lots of cool dialogue inside the Hadron Collider.

The Story

Picking up moments from when last months issue left off. Edison has learned that CIA agent Rachael is a traitor and has wound up slap bang in the middle of Francis Dashwood’s lair, which happens to be within the huge Hadron Collider complex, which is deep underground.

Dashwood now has all the information he needs to bring his brothers and sisters through to our earth from the Parallel earth. And it seems like Edison Crane is at a complete disadvantage.

The Artwork

Rafael Albuquerque manages to outdo even himself in this issue with some absolutely stunning visuals.

I really loved the panels set in the parallel earth where we see the King on his throne surrounded by all of his loyal subjects. The perspective of the distance between the King and his subjects was judged perfectly and the level of detail was really good.

I also loved pages 13 and 14, which is when Edison makes his move to end Dashwoods plans. The less I say here the better. I don’t want to spoil things.


This was a wonderful and thrilling close to Prodigy. I loved the clever dialogue between Edison and Dashwood as well as all of the little tropes that have obviously been borrowed from James Bond movies.

Overall. I’ve really enjoyed this series of comics. It’s been a highlight of my comics reading list for the last six months and I will definitely be treating myself to the trade paperback collecting all six issues when it comes out.

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