In Review: PRODIGY #5 (OF 6)

Crane’s facing off against hordes of terrorists in Damascus as he battles to uncover the dark secrets of the ancient ruins.

Synopsis: Crane’s facing off against hordes of terrorists in Damascus as he battles to uncover the dark secrets of the ancient ruins. Can he use his incredible mind to memorize the inscriptions carved in the temple walls before bombers raze the city to the ground?

Review: Crane’s adventure continues, but can memorize a bunch of symbols before they get bombed to kingdom come.

The Story

Picking up from where the story left off. Edison Crane is in Damascus and racing against the clock to memorize a load of symbols engraved on the walls of some ancient ruins. His only support is Rachel who is flying a plane, which will hopefully catch him when he makes his getaway.

The Artwork

Rafael Albuquerque brings us yet more wonderful art for this issue with some of the most suspenseful action beats yet.

The panels of Crane running through the ruins while being chased by the bad guys are truly exciting and awash with all kinds of drama, which compliments Mark Millar’s dramatic dialogue beautifully.

The best moment for me is on page 12, which sees Crane pulling of a stunt that would make Indiana Jone’s eyes water.


This series for me has to be one of the best things that Mark Millar has done to date. The idea of a genius adventurer is one that has not been done well in quite awhile. So it has been a welcome addition to my monthly reading list for comics.

The conspiracy stuff is wonderfully well thought out and very convincing to the point where it actually matches up somewhat with many of the popular theories that are out there. So to see them being used in a fictional story is great fun.

The artwork throughout this whole series has been nothing short of stupidly good. I found myself getting giddy when I got to page 12 and given that this is the penultimate issue. I find myself second-guessing and wondering where the art and story will go next.

Overall. The best issue to date, which a cliffhanger that will leave readers aghast with shock.

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