In Review: PRODIGY #4 (OF 6)

Crane’s in a tricky situation in a Damascus poker room—there are guns at his head and two million dollars of bribe money at stake.

Synopsis: Crane’s in a tricky situation in a Damascus poker room—there are guns at his head and two million dollars of bribe money at stake. The cash could grant him access to the ancient ruins of Palmyra, and to the secrets of the scroll. Elsewhere, a blood ritual swears a new leader into power.

Review: Mark Millar’s millionaire genius turned part-time spy seems to have more lives than a cat.

The Story

Picking things up from the last issue. Crane has just won a fortune playing poker, but Dominique and her hired guns are not going to accommodate Cranes wish to just take the money and run. But do they really have any choice in the matter? A rhetorical question of course.

Meanwhile, the secret society that Crane and the rest of the world are up against is in the process of installing a new leader, which happens via a rather brutal ceremony.

The Artwork

Rafael Albuquerque gets his teeth into some wonderful visuals in this issue. All of which will look good on the screen when this gets made into a Netflix movie or series, if they FX people are able to pull some of it off.

There’s a great sequence near the start of the issue where Crane quite literally catches a plane. But the biggest and best visual moment in this issue involves Crane’s rather unique method of defusing a bomb.


Mark Millar’s ‘Prodigy’ continues to deliver the pulp action and fun that we have all come to enjoy over the past three issues. I loved the brief conversation in the Jeep where Crane’s companions are trying to catch him out by continually quizzing him with general knowledge stuff.

Some stunning visuals from the artist and a lot of really witty dialogue from Mark Millar make this comic book series a must for fans everywhere. I’ll definitely be treating myself to the trade paperback when it gets released. I love this kind of story.

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