In Review: Prodigy #2

Edison Crane heads to a military base in Australia to investigate otherworldly apparitions the government can’t explain.

Synopsis: Edison Crane heads to a military base in Australia to investigate otherworldly apparitions the government can’t explain. Meanwhile, a long-dormant evil is rising, and Crane will have to unlock secrets hidden deep in the Kremlin vaults before it’s too late.

Review: Patrick Hayes was lucky enough to review the first issue of ‘Prodigy’ last month when Edison Crane was first unleashed on the world. Unfortunately, I missed out, but with a little help from the good people at Millerworld am all caught up now and chomping at the bit to tell you about issue 2.

The Story

While the first issue spent a lot of time introducing us to Edison Crane who is kind of what happens if Joe 90 is allowed to grow up. This second issue introduces us to a conspiracy and a secret society who are helping other beings from a parallel version of Earth breakthrough, but thus far they haven’t been successful which is why Edison Crane is on the case with the help of the CIA.

The set up for this story is really well executed and as have already said. The main character puts me in mind of what it may have been like has Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90 had been able to grow up. The only difference being Crane is a black man and a little more shall we say edgy than Joe 90 ever was.

Anyway, this second issue sees Rachel and Edison go to Russia in order to find a sacred scroll, which they can use to stop the invasion from a parallel earth.

The Artwork

Rafael Albuquerque gets the art duties on this latest book from Mark Millar and he does a really good job. I especially liked Albuquerque’s interpretation of the exterior and interior of The Kremlin, which is a character in its own right in this issue as we get to explore an area that most of Russia’s secret service probably don’t know about.

I also enjoyed the panels where we see different versions of Edison Crane while he is conversing with himself in order to track down the origins of the scroll that they are chasing.


Mark Millar has once again come up with a fun and modern comic book character that we can all get behind and relate to on some level. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Edison Crane in the months to come.

Prodigy #2
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