In Review: Preacher – On The Road

They're on a mission to find god.

Synopsis: Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road in search of God and very quickly realise that they’re being pursued by a murderous cowboy from hell.

Review: Preacher has returned for its second season and after what was a bit of a uneven first season. The opener for season two seems to be an improvement.

The first few minutes we get Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy in the car on a journey to visit one of Jesse’s preacher contacts from the church. But due to Tulip doing over 97 milers per hour. They get chased by the Police. When it looks like Tulip has lost their pursuers.  The car stalls due to low fuel and the Police catch them up.

While dealing with the Police Jesse and the gang come under attack from the Cowboy who is now known as the patron saint of murderers. Jesse manages to use his powers on the police a little prior to the attack. Which in turn allows Jesse and his friends to make a fairly clean get away.

The episode concludes at a motel. Jesse and the gang have seen his Preacher friend and followed up on one of the leads that he gave them. But they decide to rest up for the night, but when Jesse sneaks out for a smoke he comes face to face with the cowboy and is a bit unsettled when he learns that he is not suggestible to his powers.

This was a strong opening episode with a lot going on.

If this is an indication of how season two will unfold. Then I will likely stick with it for the duration, but if it goes into the territory of uneven pacing like it did last year. Then I will likely drop the series.

Once again much of the comedy came from Joseph Gilgun as the vampire Cassidy. He had most of the best lines and I thought the joke about foreskins being used for cosmetic surgery near the start of the show pretty much set the tone.

Kudos also have to go to Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga for managing to keep a straight face. 

Preacher - On The Road
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