In Review: Pistol Whip (Gaming on Oculus Quest)

The closest VR experience yet to making you feel like John Wick

Game: Released late yesterday on Quest from Cloudhead Games ‘Pistol Whip’ is a rhythm-based shooting game that sees you having to shoot your way through waves of enemies.


Accessible to any level of player. Pistol Whip puts you in the shoes of a badass John Wick style character that has to shoot, duck and dive their way through waves of deadly assassins. The game places you in various different environments that scroll you through each level and see you have to shoot your way through to the end of each level. You get awarded points for accuracy, but there is also an added dimension to it if you try to play with a more rhythmic approach.

Having played through a few levels of the game. I have found it to be both fun and challenging and it will also likely help with fitness too given that you’ll find yourself consistently ducking and diving to avoid being killed by incoming stray bullets.

The opponents you face come at you from multiple levels and directions. So you feel a little bit like John Wick as you make your way through the levels. Especially as you get to the close of each level as the intensity of the battle increases with more and more waves coming at you quicker.

I’ve got through a few of the 10 levels you get and have probably died four times after roughly about 1 and a half hours of gameplay. I’ve also gone through a few different levels of difficulty and easy is fairly solid, but will still punish you if you miss someone, but the harder levels really up the ante.

It’s fair to say that the game delivers on a body-filling sensation of badassery. It’s a hell of a lot of fun and there is potential for improvements on the game as it develops.


The game’s graphics are fairly good and have a style all of there own. You are placed in very bright colorful environments, which evoke a sort of dance rave feel.  It’s sort of a multi-colored monochromatic look. I loved the effects of seeing bullets fly at me while I am shooting my way through each level. I love the color choices the game makes for most of the environments I played it in. Although beyond shooting at your enemies the detail is sparse, but sparse works for this game because you don’t really have a great deal of time to navel-gaze.


Having played through five of the levels. I am finding myself going back to the stages I have completed to see if I can better my score, but also try to next difficulty setting. For time being I think this game will entertain me for a week or so or at least until Cloudhead Games add more to it. As I am sure they probably will in the months ahead.

With Christmas around the corner and Quest being the entry-level VR device. I feel that this game will likely be one of the big sellers when folks find that they have been given an Oculus Quest for Christmas.


A fantastic game, which makes you feel like the next John Wick, but also provides quite an intense workout due to all the squatting and moving you’ll find yourself doing in order to evade incoming bullets from multiple directions.

All of that said. There’s plenty of room for Developers Cloudhead Games to improve and tweak the game as it evolves.


Pistol Whip
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