In Review: Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt (2019-) #2

Humanity is at a crossroads, between life and annihilation.

Synopsis: Humanity is at a crossroads, between life and annihilation. The threat comes not from space, but from a place absolutely inconceivable to anyone other than Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt. Only he can take Earth’s remaining heroes to confront that which threatens us all…but when he knows so much more than they do, should he? Also: strike a light, how hot is Tabu now? This is what happens when you give “DREAM DADDY” as the main artistic direction.

Review: The dimension spanning story continues with more physics headaches…

The Story

Continuing from issue one. Thunderbolt calls all the worlds remaining Superheros to a round table to reveal the cause of the recent alien invasion as the workings of an alternate version of himself.

A plan is hatched to cross to the dimension where Thunderbolt’s duplicate is and try and put a stop to his meddling.

The Artwork

Caspar Wijngaard’s continues to be a strong point of this series. The panels in which Thunderbolt in full uniform and his team cross through the various dimensions sees the artist having to provide various different setting, which including a nuclear winter.


Kieron Gillen’s story continues to spin its wheels with a lot of technobabble based in physics and some philosophical questions to ponder, but unfortunately, the overload of dialogue is slowing down pacing to a point where the book is more of a chore to read than it is fun.

Not even the humor that comes from Test helps matters. I’ve seen more happen in an average episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ than happens in this issue.

The first half is them all talking about what they should do. When we honestly as readers already know what they are likely to do. And of course, they go ahead and do it, which leaves precious little time for the evil Thunderbolt to establish himself when they wind up meeting him at the close.

I’ll not be reviewing further issues of this book. It’s not really my thing and the pacing is a little too slow for me to stay interested.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt (2019-) #2
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