Thomas Wayne's younger daughter gets kidnapped by a woman that looks like she could be Mary Pennyworths' twin.
Rag Trade

Synopsis: In Rag Trade, Thomas Wayne’s younger daughter gets kidnapped by a woman that looks like she could be Mary Pennyworths’ twin. Meanwhile, Lucious Fox goes undercover to find out what has been happening with the PWEs.


The Story


Picking up from last week. Alfred has asked his pregnant girlfriend Sandra to Marry him but is turned down flat when he says that he is asking because he wants to do the right thing. Thankfully something soon crops up to distract Alfie from the drama. Thomas Wayne has returned home after murdering his old man. However, the domestic bliss of Thomas’s return is soon interrupted when a woman that looks remarkably like Mary Pennyworth takes Thomas and Martha’s daughter and does not return. So naturally, they call their old mate Alfie in to investigate.

Elsewhere, Lucious Fox has broken into a big Army complex where the British Army is keeping the PWE’s that they took from his lab. While attempting to free them from their cages. He bumps into Bet Sykes who was seemingly taken in after she’d killed John Salt.

Meanwhile, back in London. Dave Boy gets a panicked visit from his hippy girlfriend who has gotten away from a wild party held by Hippy Artist and Cult Leader Frances. She tells Dave Boy that she saw Frances give 50 people the drug that had been developed by Doctor Guy and they all killed Doctor Guy. Now Frances is intent on spreading the drug throughout the whole of London.


The Acting

Ben Aldridge returns as Thomas Wayne after having been absent for an episode. He puts in a solid performance as we get to see Thomas as a desperate father that will do just about anything to get his daughter back. I loved the reaction from Martha (Emma Paetz) who is not overly impressed about Thomas having killed his father and is worried about any repercussions. Of course those repercussions soon come to bite them on the butt when their daughter is kidnapped.

I also enjoyed Ryan Fletcher’s performance as Dave Boy this week. And I’m really enjoying the fact that he has a love interest as it adds a few new layers to his character.



Rag Trade was a really enjoyable episode that kind of brings one of the season’s arcs to a head. Specifically where it involves the CIA. I’m looking forward to seeing a few more story threads get pulled in next week’s episode, which looks like it could go a bit more into the drugs plot.

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