In Review: Pennyworth – Shirley Bassey

John Ripper presents Alfred with an offer; meanwhile, Lord Harwood's fate takes a curious turn.

Synopsis: John Ripper presents Alfred with an offer; meanwhile, Lord Harwood’s fate takes a curious turn.

Review: While Alfred recovers from his grief at the loss of Esme. The battle between the No Name League and The Raven Society takes on a dangerous turn.

The Story

We pick things up at Esme’s funeral and Alfred is in a very bad way and blames himself for the death of the love of his life. Watching from afar is Bet Sykes with her sister. Bet tells her sister that she saw the whole thing, but could not do anything to prevent it without revealing herself. As Bet and her sister travel home, they spot the rather sorry looking Lord Harewood, who has completely forgotten about his old life as the leader of the Raven Society and is a shadow of the man he used to be. Bet insists that they take Harewood home and try and rehabilitate him. He sister reluctantly goes along with her.

A few months pass and Alfred is still nowhere near recovering from the loss of Esme and is being haunted by his old mate Spanish. It falls upon John Ripper to try and snap Alfred out of it and he does so by making Alfred run with him. As Alfred gets his mental strength back Ripper offers him a chance to find the person that ordered the death of Esme. An offer that he cannot refuse.

Elsewhere Thomas Wayne has met with the leader of the No Name League and has been ordered to put out a hit on the new Leader of The Raven Society. He tries to get Martha Kane to persuade Alfred to do the hit, but Alfred refuses. This gives Thomas little option than to ask Alfred’s friend Dave Boy, which turns out to be a not so great idea.

The Acting

Jack Bannon puts in a great performance as he portrays a very broken version of Alfred who seems to be devoid of all hope and feeling. Anyone, who has lost people that are close to them will find it easy to relate to Bannon’s portrayal of grief in this episode.

I was also impressed by Jason Flemyng in this episode as he gives us a broken version of Lord Harewood who seems to be slowly regaining his memory after having been tortured to within an inch of his life by the Queens best tortures. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Harewood completely regains his memory.


Another solid episode, which provided us with a few clever twists and turns with regards to the ongoing plot thread of the No Name League and The Raven Society and the role that Alfred plays in it all. I’m looking forward to seeing the fall out from all of this in next weeks episode.

For those not familiar. The episode’s title ‘Shirley Bassey’ is cockney rhyming slang and nothing to do with the hugely popular singer, who would have been playing the various night clubs of London during the sixties. Though it would be wonderfully meta if they did use Shirley Bassey in an episode at some future date.

Overall. A solid episode with a lot to digest.

Pennyworth - Shirley Bassey
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