In Review: Pennyworth – Sandie Shaw

Alfred learns that the police covered up the murder of Esme, and Harewood makes his move. 

Synopsis: Alfred learns that the police covered up the murder of Esme, and Harewood makes his move.

Review: This episode pretty much picks things up from last week and gives us a little payback for Alfred, but will it come back to bite him on the butt.

The Story

Having not been able to capture Captain Curzon in last weeks episode. Alfred forms an uneasy alliance with Bet Sykes in order to track him down. The first port of call is the landlord of the apartment block where Curzon was living. After a little torture from a rather enthusiastic Bett, he gives Alfred some information, which implicates a police cover-up, which leads him to  Detective Inspector Aziz.

Aziz, when confronted, isn’t forthcoming, but later inadvertently reveals himself when he tries to set a trap for Alfred, which sees Alfred being handed Curzon and his Nanny on a plate.

Elsewhere, things are moving forward with the Raven Society and Harewood chooses to reveal himself to the people. Much to the absolute shock or the Primeminister who had left him for dead.

The Acting

Paloma Faith puts in a brilliant turn as Bet Sykes. I loved the scene in the cafe where Alfred questions her about how she managed to escape her execution. I also thought the scenes where Alfred was having to hold her back from torturing Curzon and his Nanny were hilarious. Faith is 100% committed to the role. I’m so frightened that I doubt I will buy any more of her records for fear of subliminal messages from Bet.

Also really good this week was Jason Flemyng as Lord Harewood. He is finally back at the head of the Raven Party and the scene where he announces his return is brilliantly done. I also liked the scene that immediately followed where he calls in the two exiled royals to help plan the future. It’s pretty apparent that he is looking to get the Queen out of the way.


A really solid episode, which ends with a brilliant cliffhanger, which will likely get resolved next week.

Pennyworth - Sandie Shaw
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