In Review: Pennyworth (S2 – Ep8) The Hangman’s Noose

While Salt sits down with the League to discuss peace, Alfred confronts Gully to do the same.
The Hangmans Noose

Synopsis: In ‘The Hangman’s Noose’. While Salt sits down with the League to discuss peace, Alfred confronts Gully to do the same. And Martha finally comes clean to Thomas about her dilemma.


The Story

The game is well and truly afoot. As this episode opens. We find ourselves witnessing the beginning of some peace talks, but all is not as it would seem. With Lord Harewood now dead. John Salt has to make a show of things in order to prove himself to the Raven Council. So these peace talks are just a part of his show. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Aziz and the Queen are seemingly ready to engage with Salt in good faith. For his part, Alfred is having none of it. He knows how John Salt operates and can pretty much see through the deception. As he says, “I don’t trust anyone.”

The title of This episode ‘The Hangman’s Noose’ is very appropriate given what the stakes are. Indeed, if all goes right for Salt. He and the Ravan Union have the English League in a noose with the imminent threat of their weapon Stormcloud.

Additionally, Alfred’s head is in a noose if he doesn’t go to confront Gully. If Alfred does not go to Gully. Then Gully will go after him, his mother, and anyone else that Alfred loves.


The Acting

Edward Hogg puts in a solid performance as he begins to take his role as interim leader of the Raven Union seriously. The scene where he threatens The Queen and Prime Minister Aziz with Stormcloud is brilliantly done and very much earned.

Jack Bannon’s performance in this episode as Alfred is fantastic. The confrontation between him and Gully is nicely realized. I loved the few moments where Alfred is running through Epping Forest while being haunted by Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) who ultimately gives Alfred some solid advice. We also get a great performance from James Purefoy as the somewhat enraged and psychotic Gully.



This was a great episode for wrapping up some loose ends before the absolute chaos, which is likely to ensue in episodes 9 and 10. We get some closure on Gully and Alfred’s storyline. Although it may only be temporary.  We also get a surprise at the end of the episode during Lord Salt’s meeting with the Raven Union’s Council.

Overall. A solid episode with lots of brilliant moments.


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Pennyworth (S2 - Ep8) The Hangman's Noose
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