In Review: Pennyworth (S2 Ep10) The Lion and Lamb

Salt is hell-bent on releasing Project Stormcloud upon London… unless Alfred and his mates can stop it.
The Lion and Lamb

Synopsis: In ‘The Lion and Lamb. Salt is hell-bent on releasing Project Stormcloud upon London… unless Alfred and his mates can stop it.


The Story

Alfred and the gang have returned to London with Alfred’s father. While Thomas Wayne and Lucius Fox return to Aziz and the English League with what they believe to be Stormcloud. Alfred and Bazza break the news to Alfred’s mum that her husband is still alive.

Back at Raven HQ, John Salt is gloating about the fact that he cleverly anticipated The League attempting to steal Stormcloud and has already planted the bomb somewhere in London. Of course, the general of the army is not too impressed with this. But there is very little he can do given that Salt has a person detonator. Thinking that the day is dawning for a new world under the Raven Union. Salt retires to his executive room where he is set upon by Bet and Pegg Sykes and given a bloody good drubbing.

Back in London. Arthur Pennyworth makes peace with his wife Mary and redeems himself somewhat in Alfred’s eye by letting him know where Salt has planted the bomb. This gives the English League a fighting chance and buys them up to six months before an invasion by Raven Union forces.


The Acting



‘The Lion and Lamb’ has a few great acting performances. Firstly, we see a great performance from Ian Puleston-Davies as Arthur Pennyworth. The scenes he shares with his onscreen wife Mary (Dorothy Atkinson) are beautifully executed. Especially that last one.

We also get great performances from Paloma Faith and Polly Walker as Bet and Peggy Sykes who finally get to give John Salt a damn good drubbing for murdering their friend. Also on top of his game was Edward Hogg as Salt. I thought the scenes where he was flicking elastic bands at his guards while simultaneously gloating was a hoot.

Finally, Jack Bannon does a great job of holding things together as Alfred and his final moment with Bet, Bazza, and the English League soldiers charging at a Raven Union tank is pure class.



This was a great finale for the second season. But like most. I’m a little nervous about leaving things on such a cliffhanger. Especially given how unpredictable the life of television shows can be. It’s perhaps a saving grace that we know that Alfred, Thomas Wayne, Martha and Lucius Fox live on to help Batman in the future. But it would be a real shame if this show gets cut down now after just two seasons. So fingers crossed that it gets a confirmed third season.

In many ways. ‘The Lion and Lamb’ sort of ends in much the same way as the first season did with Raven Union taking charge. But I can’t help but feel that season 3 should it go ahead will be much more political given that The Union is no longer run by a mad man.

Overall. A solid season 2 finale.

Pennyworth (S2 Ep10) The Lion and Lamb
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