IN REVIEW: PENNYWORTH (S2 – E2) The Burning Bridge

On this week's Pennyworth. Alfred's plans for his departure to America are put on hold

Synopsis: On this week’s Pennyworth. Alfred’s plans for his departure to America are put on hold; Thomas enlists the help of an old foe, Aleister Crowley.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Bet is on the run with Katie Browning and is struggling to reach out to Lord Harewood, who is ignoring her calls. Meanwhile, Harewood is making his plans with regards to Stormfront. Of course, killing most of London and Manchester with poison gas. Does not meet with Frances Gaunt’s approval.

Back in London. Alfred is making plans to escape to the USA with his mates. However, when his mother is abducted and held for ransom. Alfred’s plans get put on hold.

Elsewhere in London. Aleister Crowley begins his new job of leading League Prime Minister Archbishop Potter down a decidedly dark path. Crowley’s employer for this fiendish plan is none other than Thomas Wayne.


The Acting

As with last week’s episode. We once again get some fine acting performances from all the cast. Of particular note this week is Jonjo O’Neill who is deliciously snide and perverse as Aleister Crowley. The scene where Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) hires Crowley plays out brilliantly.

Paloma Faith to steal the show as Bet Sykes. The relationship that is forming between her and Katie (Jessye Romeo) is rather creepy to watch.

As ever Jack Bannon continues to walk that line between hero and rogue as the calculating Alfred Pennyworth who I suspect may wind up in the employ of Thomas Wayne again pretty soon.



To sum up. This was a pretty solid second episode, which does a little work to set up the season-long arc. It is interesting that Thomas Wayne’s CIA employers are looking to discredit Archbishop Potter. Especially given that they are supposed to be trying to get rid of the fascist Ravon Union. Unless the plan is to place their own man at the head of the League at some point.

I think the kidnapping of Alfred’s mother and the money that is stolen from him is part of a plot to get Pennyworth back in the employ of the No Names. Left to his own devices Alfred will play one side off against the other to make some scratch. It’s sort of obvious that Detective Aziz has set Alfred up here.

Overall. A fairly solid second episode, which sets a few things up to get addressed at a later date. Who is Katie Brown and why did she get arrested by the Ravon Union? Why has Alfred hired Crowley to discredit the League of No Name’s Prime Minister? Those are just two of the questions that we are left to ponder.

PENNYWORTH (S2 – E2) The Burning Bridge
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