In Review: Pennyworth – Martha Kane & Lady Penelope

Alfred finds himself in the employ of The League of No Names....

Synopsis: Having created a major setback for the Raven Society in episode one and two. Alfred is hired by the mysterious Martha Kane for a series of missions.

Review: Having watched episodes one and two rather late in the game. I’ve thus far enjoyed the journey and the world that Pennyworth is set in. A postwar Great Britain, which seems more divided than ever in a world where Germany won the second world war. A world that has a brutal and savage justice system where public executions are televised for general entertainment.

The Stories

Both episodes are linked much like the first two were. The general storyline sees Alfred inadvertently working for The League of No Names. A left-wing group whose aim is to create a fairer world. Their opponents are The Raven Society who are a fascistic movement who are on the hard right. Whereas Great Britain seems to be ticking over as normal. These two factions are seemingly at war with each other.

In the middle of all of this is Alfred who has finished his 10-years in the SAS and is looking to set up a security firm and make a life for himself and his sweetheart Esme. In these two episodes, Alfred is hired by Martha Kane who is an American working with The League of No Names. Alfred is hired as a driver and his first mission with Martha sees him coming to the rescue of a gay maths whiz who has invented a Computer.  Their job is to get him out of the country before The Raven Society can nab him.

In ‘Lady Penelope’ Martha and Alfred are tasked with the mission of learning the name of the new leader of The Raven Society. The only problem is. Their source of information in London has been killed, which means Alfred and Martha have to take a direct approach and find things out themselves, which lands them into trouble and leads to some very personal consequences for Alfred.

The Acting

Paloma Faith as the villainess and mentally unstable Bet Sykes

For me, the stand out performance across the first four episodes of this series comes from Paloma Faith who plays the psychotic and murderess Bet Sykes. She does not feature as prominently in episodes 3 and 4, but I have a feeling she could prove to be as much a standout role as Oswald Cobblepot was in Gotham. Also really good and again used rather sparingly in these two episodes is Jason Flemyng who plays the disgraced and broken ex-leader of The Raven Society. I mention both these characters because they will likely recur as the series progresses.

In terms of these two episodes. Jack Bannon has very quickly grown on me as a convincingly younger version of Alfred. And this episode throws the character a few curveballs that Bannon does a solid job of portraying.

The casting in this show has been brilliant thus far and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how these characters evolve in the weeks to come.


These two episodes continue to reveal more about this darker and more sinister version of London that Alfred operates within.

I really enjoyed the fact that Alfred winds up working for Thomas Wayne regardless of his refusal to do so in the previous episode. The introduction of Martha Kane was also well handled and I really enjoyed the chemistry that has developed between Martha and Alfred as they both work together to try and curtail The Raven Society.

It’s going to be interested to see how all of this works out. In the episode, Alfred is warned by the chief of police that his working for the No Names is a treasonous offense. It’s pretty apparent that at some point. The No Names and The Raven Society are going to clash head-on and spark a civil war. The question is. How do we get there?

I’m personally looking forward to seeing how Bet Sykes and Harewood will fit into all of this given that they have both suffered pretty major setbacks thanks to Alfred.

Pennyworth - Martha Kane & Lady Penelope
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