In Review: Pennyworth – Alma Coogan

The ongoing storyline with regards to the fortunes of the Raven Society and The No Names plays a huge role in this episode.

Synopsis: Alfred is made to serve time in Newgate Prison for the murder of Captain Curzan and his Nanny, but political changes may serve to change his fortunes.

Review: The ongoing storyline with regards to the fortunes of the Raven Society and The No Names plays a huge role in this episode.

The Story

Picking things up from last week. Alfred has been convicted with the murder of Captain Curzan and his Nanny and is sent to Newgate Prison, where he very quickly establishes himself as not to be messed with.

Meanwhile, The UK Prime Minister is in an unteniable position and calls an election in which The No Names and Raven Society are recognized as legitimate challengers. But when Harewood calls a meeting to arrange a pact with the No Names in order to try and secure power. The Prime Minister hears of it and arranges for an assassination attempt on Harewood. To that end, Alfred is released from prison under the condition that he successfully kills Lord Harewood.

The Acting

Jason Flemyng once again rules the roost as Harewood and has a great scene where he realizes that the leadership of the No Name Party with their progressive policies may not be that easy to defeat. This is especially brought home to him when the Sykes sisters express their views about the leader of the party having no side to her.


Another strong episode in which we see the story moved on another notch, but get left with a wonderful cliffhanger, which sees Bett Sykes and her Sister holds the Queen at gunpoint. I’m sure the plan will be revealed in next weeks episode. Indeed that is only if there is a plan. You are never quite sure when it comes to Bett Sykes.

Overall. A really good episode with loads of character stuff going on and a really interesting and somewhat comic book take on Newgate Prison.

Pennyworth - Alma Coogan
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