In Review: Pacific Rim – The Black – Season One

A spin-off from the 2013 Guillermo del Toro movie and its sequel.
The Black

Synopsis: In ‘Pacific Rim – The Black’. Five years after their parents left to find help. Siblings Taylor and Hayley find a training Jaeger – but it quickly attracts a Kaiju to their village.

Review: A spin-off from the 2013 Guillermo del Toro movie and its sequel. This new series builds on the mythology that those films started and does a pretty good job.


The Story

Told over seven episodes. This first season follows the adventures of brother and sister Taylor and Hayley. Five years have passed since their parents left to find help.  Realizing that their parents are lost Hayley ventures out from the relative safety of her home and finds an old training Jaeger.

Excited by her discovery she goes to her brother Taylor and as the two activate the Jeager and drift for the first time. It gets the attention of a Kaiju, which they nickname copperhead. Attracted by the noise that the Jaeger makes Copperhead proceeds directly to the village where Taylor and Hayley have been living and kills everyone there.

Now with no home. Taylor and Hayley do the only thing that they can do. Start a journey in the hopes of finding their parents. Along the way, they find a mysterious young boy with a very ghostly complexion and they also meet Shane and his gang of crooks who try to steal their Jaeger and attempts to have them killed.

In short. ‘Pacific Rim – The Black’ depicts a world in which the monstrous Kaiju have pretty much won the war against humanity.


Voice Acting

Calum Worthy and Gideon Adlon do a great job of voicing Taylor and Hayley and you find yourself immediately warming to them. Which is a testament to both actors as well as the excellent writing of what feels very much like a real brother and sister dynamic. Taylor being the responsible older brother while Hayley is more free-spirited and hungry for adventure.

Andy McPhee provides his voice for the somewhat nasty and manipulative villain Shane. While Victoria Grace voices the character of Mei who becomes somewhat of an ally to Taylor and Hayley.



The animation for this series is done in a very Anime style and is visually stunning to look at. Particularly the monstrous Kaiju Copperhead who has a very unique look that is in keeping with Kaiju that we saw in the two Pacific Rim movies. The designs for a post-apocalyptic Australia promise much mystery and well and truly delivers on that.

The characters are really well written and Mei’s storyline, in particular, is one of abuse and power and how the drifting process that is used to pilot Jaeger can be abused. Whereas the character of Boy who is mute has an interesting twist to him, which pays off in the final episode.

I really appreciated the effort series creators Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle put into building on the mythology touched on in the two films. For example, the way in which they explore drifting is particularly good. I especially liked the concept of ghost drifting in which a live pilot will control a Jeager solo while linking up digitally with the mind of a dead Jaeger pilot. Also, good was small reference we got to Raleigh Becket the main character from the original Pacific Rim movie.

Overall ‘Pacific Rim – The Black’ has its own story to tell and does so in such a way that it lovingly tips its hat to the original Guillermo del Toro movie. I really hope that we get a second season of this show because I really enjoyed it.


You can check out this series now on Netflix


Pacific Rim - The Black - Season One
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