In Review: Oz: Kingdom of the Lost #3

Who is the Shaggy Man?

Synopsis: Who is the Shaggy Man? And what does he want with the heroes of Oz? Can Dorothy and her friends stop his scheme before it’s too late? Featuring the stunning return of The Patchwork Girl, this is one issue not to be missed.


The Story

Having discovered Patchwork Girl in the last issue. Dorothy and her friends learn about Patchwork Girl’s origins and how they are linked to the mysterious Shaggy Man. After learning this Dorothy and her friends ally, but is this alliance to be trusted?


The Artwork

Guillermo Fajardo does a solid job of the artwork and gives Dorothy Gale ab muscles that most people would be envious of. We get some great panels of Tin Man with the Shaggy Man, which build into a great plot twist that sees the group uncoupled from Shaggy Man’s control. Also great is the character drawing of Patchwork Girl who has a really big role to play in this final issue, which doesn’t necessarily end the story, but instead builds toward another chapter.

Overall the artwork throughout this story has had a very 1970s vibe to it. Especially when it comes to Patchwork Girl and her various Patchwork friends. I’m looking forward to seeing how these characters get used in future issues.



As a kid growing up. The Wizard of Oz was a favorite book and so were the films. This comic book series does a brilliant job of updating the worlds and characters that we meet in Oz. Dorothy is every bit the hero in these books, but equally so are Scarecrow, the Lion, and her other friends. Zenescope does a great job of continuing the journey of these characters. Added to all this are some brilliant new characters that Zenescope has created in order to expand the world of Oz.

Oz: Kingdom of the Lost #3
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