In Review: Oz Kingdom of The Lost #1

Dorothy and her team must venture far from the Emerald City in search of the missing Tin Man.

Synopsis: In Kingdom of the Lost, Dorothy and her team must venture far from the Emerald City in search of the missing Tin Man. What they uncover along the way will unlock mysteries that have been hidden from the citizens of Oz for generations and will change everything they believe about the so-called Wonderful Land they call home.


The Story

When a mysterious shaggy man abducts the statue of the Tin Man, who sadly passed away in a previous adventure. Dorothy Gale and her friends set out on a mission to find him. As Dorothy, Scarecrow, Toto, and the Witch Adraste embark on their perilous journey. They come upon a hidden secret place that will change everything they believe and think they know about Oz.


The Artwork

Guillermo Fajardo does a solid job with the artwork in this first issue of a new adventure for Dorothy and her gang. The opening few panels depict the Shaggy Man freeing the Tin Man from his plinth. The image of the Tin Man looking to the horizon of the Emerald City is indeed an impressive image and it is only a teaser of what visual wonders you’ll see as you continue into this first issue. Indeed there are some wonderful panels in this issue. And the first chapter ends with an unbelievable image as we get moved onto a story that gives us the origin for the Shaggy Man.



The last time we reviewed anything from Zenescope was back in 2019 as back then Patrick Hayes did most of our comic reviews, but chose to step back from doing reviews because he just wanted to be a fan again and not a critic. So I took over what I could of the comic reviews from Pat but neglected to cover Zenescopes stuff because I wasn’t familiar with their books and at the time there wasn’t really a good jump on point for me.

Oz Kingdom Of the Lost works as a great jump-on point for anyone wanting to read Zenescope’s take on The Wizard of Oz and it will not take too long for readers to get to grips with the modernized versions of the characters. In this comic book universe of Oz. Dorothy has been on OZ for quite some time and has also been its Queen at one point. Now she works as a guardian for Oz and the Emerald City and continues to have close friendships with Scarecrow, The Lion, and of course her Wolf Toto.

This first issue of Oz Kingdom of the Lost will hit comic stores on the 16th of August and you’ll not need any Yellow Brick Roads to find it.

Oz Kingdom of The Lost #1
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