In Review: Once Upon A Snowman (Disney +)

A wonderful short movie that will appeal to kids both young and old.

Synopsis: A charming prequel to The Frozen movies, which tells the origins of Olaf The Snowman.


The Story

As Elsa finishes singing ‘Let it Go’. A snowman awakens and starts the quest of finding his identity. His first stop is the general store where the kindly storekeeper helps Olaf by entertaining the idea that Snowmen are as regular as his usual customers. Added to this. The storekeeper provides Olaf with a sausage for use as his nose.

As Olaf leaves the store he finds himself being chased by a pack of rather hungry wolves with an appetite for Norwegian processed meat.


The Acting

With, the opening of this animation lifted directly from ‘Frozen’. Much of the heavy lifting is left up to Josh Gad who continues to charm us with Olaf’s unique voice. The one scene where Olaf is interacting with the storekeeper is brilliant fun. The joke concerning the storekeeper’s name was a cute touch to a rather cute story. Sadly the voice actor who played the storekeeper is not credited on IMDB, but he played his part well.



As we get close to November Netflix and other streaming services are going to be putting lots of Christmas content out. So its great that Disney + is beating them to the punch with an animated short that ties into the ‘Frozen’ series. Furthermore, having it focus on Olaf who is without a doubt a fan favorite is a masterstroke.

Running at only 12 minutes. ‘Once Upon A Snowman’ is a charming little movie short that will keep fans of Frozen happy, but also would work as a great introduction to the movie series if you were looking to introduce children and adults to the film series.

We learn quite a lot about Olaf the Snowman in this short. Most notable being how he is able to survive the summer months.

Overall. A wonderful short movie that will appeal to kids both young and old.


Once Upon A Snowman (Disney +)
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