In Review: Oliver #4

The final issue of Gary Whitta's alternative and futuristic version of Oliver Twist comes to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Synopsis: Oliver leads his military family in an uprising against the government forces sent to London to capture him, but at a terrible cost that leaves him grief-stricken—and bent on revenge.

Review: The final issue of Gary Whitta’s alternative and futuristic version of Oliver Twist comes to a heartbreaking conclusion. Which leaves Oliver with more questions than answers about his origins.

The Story

Having learned that Oliver is a hybrid human made up of a human mother and a cloned father, who was one of their super soldiers. Governor Flemming, who runs half of Britain has sent his troops in to flush out Oliver and kill him, but he doesn’t count on the resistance he encounters from the forgotten soldiers who have raised and nurtured the young lad.

When Prospero is badly wounded it is down to Oliver to find a way to end the battle.

The Artwork

Once again Darick Robertson provides some brilliant panel work for this issue telling much of the story with some stunning visuals. One panel that immediately jumps out is where Oliver launches himself at a helicopter that is coming in for a landing and gauges the pilot’s eye out with his fighting staff. The panels that deal with the aftermath of the battle are just as evocative.

I also loved the fact that we finally got to see Bullseye, who was Bill Sykes dog in the novels and many movie and television spin-offs. In this comic book version of events, he is a military attack dog that has one red eye and very freaky teeth.


This issue for me doesn’t really conclude the story. It’s left open at the end, which can only mean that Image is hoping for Whitta to continue it at some stage or it is going to be left as is. If it’s the latter. I will be rather pissed off because despite my lateness with this review. I was waiting for nearly 5 months for this final issue, so feel a bit underwhelmed by the ending. For sure Prospero’s fate was very sad and well handled. But I would really like to have seen Oliver making his way to London. Meeting Fagan, Bill Sykes, Dodger and many of the other Dickens characters, but with Gary Whitta’s take on them.

Overall. Good fun, but a bit of a disappointing end.


Oliver #4
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