In Review: Oliver #3

Oliver leads an uprising.

Synopsis: When heavily armed government forces come to London looking for Oliver, he decides to fight back against them, inspiring his adopted family of genetically engineered former soldiers to rise up against their oppressors in an unlikely rebellion.

Review: As the authorities begin to invade his home in order to kill him. Oliver leads his adopted family of genetically engineered soldiers in a little bit of an uprising.

The Story

Picking up from where things left off in the last issue. The British Government has found out about Oliver are threatened by the fact that he is a natural born hybrid from an illegal union with a genetically enhanced human and a natural born. To that end, they have sent a squad of soldiers into Oliver’s home to track him down and kill him. But Oliver is a few steps ahead of the soldiers and has begun a fight back with the full backing of his adopted family.

This issue is mostly action. Which allows writer Gary Whitta to be very economical with his words while the artist tells the story.

The Artwork

Doing much of the heavy lifting in this issue is artist Darick Robertson who produces some of the best visuals have seen from him thus far in this series. Much like in previous issues Oliver is running across rooftops and pulling off moves that would put Spider-Man to shame.

The panel above is from midway through the issue as Oliver dramatically takes out two soldiers. This is only one of a few great panels in this book.


This is a great issue with plenty of action, but not to much in the way of Oliver learning more about his origins, which am sure is on the cards.

The artwork was fantastic and it is great that the writer was confident enough to let his artist rip into this issue because it produced some wonderful visuals.

I can’t wait to see what happens once Oliver goes to London.

Oliver #3
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