In Review: Odyssey Graphic Novel

Neither Angel or Demon can stand upon the face of the Earth – but in the skin of Man, Heaven and Hell have fought an eternal war.

Synopsis: Neither Angel or Demon can stand upon the face of the Earth – but in the skin of Man, Heaven and Hell have fought an eternal war.

Only one immortal man can protect humankind – and he’s losing his faith in them!

From magical origins to the fall of Hitler’s Germany, to boots on the ground in Afghanistan and war-torn Iraq, from protests on Wall Street to dread secrets in the Oval Office – witness Blazing Glory’s history-changing first steps into a bigger world!

This astounding volume collects the entire pulse-pounding first series, plus a brand-new strip and over 20 pages of all-new bonus content.

See what it takes to be a super-soldier on the frontlines of a war between cosmic forces!

Review: The good folks at Titan Comics sent me a PDF copy of the collected trade paperback of ‘Odyssey’ by writer Dave Elliot, whose written a wide range of comics that have always been real attention grabbers. Sadly ‘Odyssey’ isn’t one of them.

With Odyssey we have a supernatural approach to superheroes in which experiments conducted in the second world war produced super soldiers, which were part human and part demon, which allowed the war of heaven and hell to take place here on earth.

The central character is John Wilson, who apparently died in 1942 and became Blazing Glory, who looks very similar in dress style to Captain America.

In the description that I read the book was described as pulse pounding. I’m sorry to say that the book didn’t live up to the hype and has to go down as the worse thing have ever read by Dave Elliot, which is a great shame because have read a fair few of his other comics and never come away disappointing, but this particular story just didn’t do it for me.

I loved what it tried to do in giving us an alternative take on a classic superhero storyline by using supernatural and scientific means to produce a super soldier. The ideas in the book are really interesting and fun, but sadly it just didn’t work.

To much time was spent explaining the back-story via the means of Blazing Glory visiting an old army buddy in hospital and explaining as best as he can how he became Blazing Glory. If less time was spent on that and a tad more on some action. Then it might have been a good read, but sadly I was struggling to finish the book because I was frankly quite bored.

The artwork by Garrie Gastonny was pretty good and serviced the story, but with the lack of action I can’t help but feel that Gastonny wasn’t really stretched here.

Unfortunately this is a case of a story, which had some good ideas, but didn’t quite deliver.

Odyssey Grathic Novel
  • Some Great ideas
  • Difficult story to follow and not enough action
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Art Work
  • Lettering

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