In Review: Obey Me #5

Overcome with the desire for revenge after failing her mission and being soundly defeated by the Iron Eagle Elite

Synopsis: Overcome with the desire for revenge after failing her mission and being soundly defeated by the Iron Eagle Elite, Vanessa enlists the help of Monty’s contacts to track them down, acting without approval or permission from her boss.

Review: Once again we hang out with V and her Hellhound for another gorefest of an issue.

The Story

After having their butts kicked in the previous issue Vanessa is out for revenge against the Iron Eagle Elite and thanks to a contact of Monty’s she gets her shot. But it is not going to be easy, and Monty getting wounded by the sniper doesn’t make life any easier.

The Artwork

The art team of Ben Herrera and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres get the opportunity to take things to new levels of crazy in this issue, and they are more than up for the challenge.

The panels at the train station in which Vanessa and Monty leap onto the train are brilliantly done. As are the various fight sequences inside the carriages between Vanessa and the various members of the Elite. One of the best moments is when Monty is shot. For a moment you are concerned for the seasoned old Hellhound. So when he starts talking to V you breathe a great sigh of relief.


Mario Mentasti delivers a wonderful fifth issue with some great moments of banter as ever between Vanessa and her Hellhound. I’ve really grown to care about these two characters over the last few issues and always find myself willing them on to Kick some Demon ass.

The idea to have them go off book and against orders is only going to make things more interesting as the story moves forward in future issues.

Overall. A really strong issue that delivers, drama, gore and fun one-liners in equal measure.

Obey Me #5
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