In Review: Nova #1

Having the older and younger Nova's stationed on Earth seems a nice story line, with an unexpected twist.

From Marvel Comics and the creative team of Sean Ryan (writer), Cory Smith (artist) and David Curiel (colorist), Nova #1 finds the newest and youngest Nova, Sam Alexander back on Earth and doing his best to be a normal teenager and intergalactic super hero.

Sam has also been able to rescue his father from the unknown fates of exile deep in the universe and return him to Earth, with both father and son serving to protect Earth and the galaxy as members the Nova Core, which is currently just a father and son team.

The story finds young Sam and Dad dividing their time between domestic life in suburbia and racing around both their community and the intergalactic neighborhood in the service of the greater good.

While it seems that young Sam is reveling in being the mighty Nova, he seems to love it more doing at the side of his father who was also a Nova before him. Dad seems to be having problems with his Nova helmet, needing to be saved from a burning home by his son before returning home to a worried and domestic Mom who is more worried about her father / son super hero team than anything else.

But what seems to really be the one true twist in an otherwise uneventful premier issue other than fun and pretty good artwork by Cory Smith, is the fact that we see the father in the garage work shop tinkering with his helmet, only to see him talking remotely with what can only be an alien, indicating that he is someone other than Sam’s father, before the issue ends.

While it seemed a nice combination, having the older and younger Nova’s stationed on Earth, this twist promises to keep the plot twisting and turning for young Sam.

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