In Review: Non-Stop Spider-Man #4

The action is non-stop as Spider-Man goes after Baron Zemo, but finds that Zemo is not alone.

Synopsis: The action is non-stop as Spider-Man goes after Baron Zemo, but finds that Zemo is not alone. It looks like Spidey is in for quite a fight.


The Story

While investigating the deaths of two students via a drug called A-Plus. Spider-Man and investigative journalist Norah Winters have learned that the drug is targeted at high-achieving people of colour. As one thing led to another. It soon became clear that Baron Zemo was behind the plan and Spider-Man is rather ticked off and must keep a lid on his anger while taking on one of the world’s most deadly Nazis. However, Spidey is in for the fight of his life because Zemo is being helped by fellow Nazi Wulf.


The Artwork

Artist Chris Bachalo provides us with some non-stop action as we see a grouping of visceral panels. The sequences where Spider-Man and Zemo are duking it out are pretty awesome and drawn so well. You can literally feel every hit. Some of the best panels are where Zemo and Wulf try to escape in their supersonic jet place, which looks rather like a spaceship. We also get a nice little glance of Doctor Strange in a brief sequence where Norah gives Spidey a call to update him. We learn that A-Plus is something leftover from an old Hydra plan.



This is a really exciting issue with shedloads of action as we see Spidey on the back foot as Zemo seems to have planned for this fight. The sequences where Spidey is trying to keep a lid on his anger are well written. As I am sure most people can understand and empathize with Spidey’s point of view. Writer Joe Kelly does a brilliant job with the dialogue exchanges between Zemo and Spidey. The writing is so good that I can hear Zemo’s voice speaking his awful hate speech in my head.

Overall. A really good story, which has room in it for Miles Moralis to come in should Joe Kelly wish to do that. I mean sure. While it is great to see Spidery standing up against a racist white supremacist. It would be even better for the sake of representation to actually bring in Miles Moralis who actually has some skin in the game so to speak. Whatever happens next. I am pretty sure that Spidey is in for an epic fight.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #4
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