In Review: Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021-) #5

Spidey undergoes a weird transformation....

Okay, so we haven’t been 100% honest with you. No, we still won’t be stopping. No, it’s still about Spider-Man and the biggest craziest fight of his life. It’s just, there’s something we’ve been teasing you along with that is really a trick (on both you and Spider-Man) that… Well… you’re just going to have to read the issue.


The Story

Having been dosed with the A-Plus in the last issue. Spider is struggling with some extreme side effects of the drug and is having to contend with Zemo and Wulf debating their next move and making idle small talk about Hydra Christmas parties. Zemo wants Spider-Man kept alive so he can fully monitor the effects of the drug. Whereas Wulf has his own agenda.

However, agendas go completely out of the window when a new group of supremacists shows up in the form of The Immaculatum. A team of people from different racial backgrounds who can all trace back their genealogy for several hundred years. All examples of racial purity within their own race. To say that Zemo and Wulf are not too impressed would be an understatement. Meanwhile, having saved Wulf’s life while getting away. Spider-Man has undergone a weird transformation as a result of the A-Plus Drug he was dosed with.


The Artwork

Chris Bachalo comes up with some awesome art for this issue. I particularly liked the opening couple of panels showing Spidey get dosed with the drug. I also enjoyed the panels where Spidey was trying to keep control of his emotions to slow the drug’s effects down. We also get treated to single page splash image of Zemo with the Immaculatum wearing animal totem masks in the background.



Joe Kelly produces a wonderful plot twist in this issue that will have fans talking for weeks. Overall. This is a really strong issue.

Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021-) #5
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