In Review: Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021-) #3

Something is happening to the brightest young minds in New York City, and Spider-Man has found himself in the middle of it.

Synopsis: Something is happening to the brightest young minds in New York City, and Spider-Man has found himself in the middle of it. This story is going to show you a side of Peter Parker that neither you nor Peter thought existed. And neither of you will be able to handle it.


The Story

Spider-Man has been working with Norah Winters. They have been working to try and find out who is behind the distribution of A Plus. The new smart drug that has been killing off New York Cities smarted immigrant students. However, the Zapata Brothers continue to get in the way of Spider-Man and Nora’s progress. This isn’t helped by the fact that Spidey is running out of webs and is also dealing with extreme fatigue.


The Artwork

Chris Bachalo continues to do a great job with the artwork for this issue, which has a lot more action in it. I loved the sequence where we see a full-on collision between a train and a truck, which Spidey and Nora barely escape from. I also loved the reveal of Zemo on the last couple of pages.



Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo continue to work as a great team on this comic, which is perhaps the most action-packed Spider-Man book to have passed my way in some time. I loved the wisecracking from Spider-Man as he struggled in his battle against the Zapata Brothers who are a lot smarter now. Then they were in Spidey’s previous encounters with them. As with all the issues so far. The artwork has been amazing as has the action.

Overall. A fantastic story, which has a real sense of danger and urgency to it. And the way in which Zemo is introduced at the close of this issue is nicely timed. I can’t wait to read the next issue.


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Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021-) #3
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