In Review: Nobody

Nobody" tells the story of Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), an ex C.I.A. assassin who has gotten "out of the game". But when his house

Synopsis: Nobody (2021) tells the story of Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), an ex C.I.A. assassin who has gotten “out of the game”. But when his house is burgled, a sequence of events begin that will see him begin a bloody crusade against a Russian crime syndicate . . .


In some ways, a tried and tested formula, but one that does have some originality. For example, why the central character, Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), returns to his old ways is inventive. Furthermore, it really shows his character, a vital aspect to this fun romp. As a result,  a reluctant, middle-aged, family man once more embraces the side of him which you don’t want to mess with. So, subsequently, he goes up against an entire army’s worth of gangsters and their lackeys. And, there are some truly explosive battles . . .

The obvious comparison is the John Wick franchise. Although, Nobody differs in many ways. Whilst they were both written by Derek Kolstad, Nobody doesn’t have the same graphic novel feel to it. The action seemingly takes place in modern suburbia. Yet, the parallels are there. But this film is its own story, and one that packs a lot of punch into the 92 minutes that bloody events plays out in.


Absolutely no doubt that Bob Odenkirk owns this film. Although that’s expected it’s noteworthy to state how convincing his character performance is. As Hutch Mansell begins to enjoy himself there’s never any doubt that Odenkirk knew exactly how to handle things.

As a “big bad”, Aleksey Serebryakov deserves much credit. Christopher Lloyd, in a supporting role, is also tremendous fun, too.

Action & Stunts

A serious amount of choreographed violence. And, at times some of the really gritty stuff feels viscerally real. Again, credit to Odenkirk, who reportedly trained painstakingly, so he could do as many of his own stunts as possible. A significant accomplishment.



For those who may ask what a review of Nobody is doing on SciFiPulse, there are clear fantastical elements to this film. Although events seem possible, they’re highly improbable. But that doesn’t stop you from buying in . . . In fact, the (almost) one man on a mission element only adds to the caper’s appeal. This film is a refreshing take on the genre. Part John Wick, but also some traits of the Death Wish franchise, too. By the end of it, you’ll wish you were a super- deadly C.I.A. assassin, who people learned to leave alone . . .

In Review: Nobody
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