In Review: Ninjak #6

The sins of MI-6 continue to haunt Ninja-K.

Synopsis: Colin has fought hard to overcome the Acclimation Bureau, but the secrets of MI-6 have formed an even greater threat. Colin travels to the ruins of Mexico City to track and dispose of his alternate, Ninja-K 2. When Colin arrives, he fights the former Ninja-K, but he dispatches him with only minor wounds. Unfortunately, Colin has discovered that alien and magical artifacts aren’t the only dangers in the compound. The Jonin has finally made himself known. The man who was responsible for the training of some of the most deadly agents in the programme attacks with a fierceness that may be too much for Colin to handle, and he is just the beginning of the troubles facing Ninja-K.

Review: The start of a new story arc can be a bit tricky. It is almost like a blank slate to readers. The status quo may or may not have been restored, but the promise of action and excitement must put front and center asap. It is done here with a sense of adrenaline. Even the flashbacks felt captivating. Oddly, it feels good to see Colin hold his own against a plethora of foes, but seeing him slowly get whittled down adds much-needed stakes to the story. This makes sense because the villains need to feel like credible threats, and that was achieved here.

The art for issue #6 is solid, and the flow of the story works well. The Jonin seems absolutely foreboding, and the bizarre villains look menacing. Furthermore, there is a hodgepodge quality to all of them. Together, they are a loose assortment of villains who have come together for an unknown reason, so they should look very disparate.

After the last story arc, I am terribly excited for what this creative team has in store for Colin. Ninja-K has stopped the evil machinations of shady organizations, and having the series focus on the ramifications of working for one of those organizations has been a very smart move.

Ninjak #6
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