In Review: Ninja Legends (Oculus Quest)

Ninja Fighting Game comes to VR on Oculus Quest

Review:  In Ninja Legends You must recover the stolen shadow scrolls in order to gain shinobi powers and melee weapons. Enemies will utilize cooperative group attacks to swarm and surround you.

The Game

Built from the ground up for Virtual Reality headsets. Ninja Legends is a wave-based combat game in which you assume the role of a Ninja. The combat in the game has a real arcade feel and isn’t overly complicated, but it does give you quite a physical workout as you battle wave after wave of Ninja Assassins who seem determined to kill you.

The game starts off with a brief training session where you learn how to block and deflect attacks and as you advance through the levels and gain more shinobi powers you get trained with those too. The game features five different Melee weapons starting off with two katana swords and advancing through various different weapons such as staffs and claws. You also have a bow and arrow, which you only get to use once you have cleanly dispatched so many assassins, but when it comes into play, time slows down allowing you to hit your target.

The game has 18 levels overall and it doesn’t really begin to get challenging until around level 7 by which point most will have figured out enough about the game mechanics to be able to block and counter. Although it does seem like you get hit by a few cheap shots now and then.

You fight against five different bosses in the game. Each with their own set of moves and counter moves. So you may find yourself more on the defensive as you try to figure out their weak points.

The Graphics

The game’s graphics are also rather arcade-like, but you do get some lovely locations to fight in. The variety of Ninja’s that come after you get a little samey after a while, but if you’re a fan of over the top arcade gore. You’ll probably have a fair bit of fun slicing and dicing wave after wave of enemies.

Graphically. The game is ok. But then again I haven’t really seen anything as yet that has pushed the technology on the Quest. It’s still early days in terms of us all-knowing what Oculus Quest is capable of delivering.

Also, you have to give credit to Coinflip who developed this game for the Quest without actually having a Quest to work with.


Ninja Legends is a fun wave-based combat game, which does pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s basically an arcade beat em up that will likely entertain for a while, but once complete there isn’t really a great deal of replayability. That said Coinflip Studios who produced the game have said that they will be adding updates to the game in the months ahead, which will hopefully prove interesting enough to extend the games playability. I’d personally like to see more of us being an actual Ninja by adding a stealth element to the game where you can perform a sneak attack. That would certainly seem to be more ninja-like than being constantly on the defensive against waves of attack.

Overall. A lot of fun and at £14.99. It will not break the bank. There is a leaderboard in the game. But getting to the top of that probably will not give you as much street cred as say getting a high score on something like Beatsaber

Ninja Legends (Oculus Quest)
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