In Review: Ninja-K

The past is prologue once more.

Synopsis: The secret history of MI6’s Ninja programme is finally told. For years, these deadly agents have worked to keep Great Britain and the world safe from deadly threats. Their most current asset is Colin King, aka Ninja-K. His connection to MI6 frayed over the years, and he finally became a mercenary for hire. However, the ties he formed at the organization may be the noose that finally puts the noose to his neck. Former ninjas are being murdered in grisly ways. They were the best MI6 had, and their skill sets still make them deadly adversaries. So who could be dispatching the ninja’s so thoroughly, and will Ninja-K be able to stop them before his letter is the target?

Review: Fans of Ninja-K rejoice! The return of this series is triumphant. So much of the series is steeped in intrigue, it is great to see the secret history of the other operatives that came before Colin. World building can often come across as tedious, but having a former operative narrate the harrowing exploits of the past, while illuminating certain aspects of history, is fantastic. Once we reach Colin’s role in the programme, the narration ends, and we get a glimpse into Colin’s current love life. His connections with Livewire are strained and complex. It shows that no matter how trained he is, Colin still has a similar issue that many operatives have. His inability to maintain platonic and romantic relationships with people.

Giorello has done an incredible job of making the sleek and deadly world of Ninja-K substantive yet flashy. The ability to jump from locale to locale while also giving each flashback the attention it deserves is no easy task. The panels weave the narrative into something more than just a story. The panels where the Jounin is introduced comes to mind. The imagery there makes what we see actual history. Also, the scene with Livewire using her abilities to restore her uniform is a gorgeous way to convey the typical “shower scene” after a night of passion.

This series is an instant hit, and should never be overlooked.

Ninja-K #1
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