In Review: Ninja-K #5

And then the scorpion stings.

Synopsis: Ninja-K and Ninja-C have finally joined forces to bring down the manipulative Acclimation Bureau. The shadow organization has been responsible for manipulating the lives of the ninja programme agents for decades. The tenuous alliance proves effective as the two work together to breach the bureau’s headquarters. The plan is to release some of the information to various sources, but it is here that the two agents meet an impasse. Ninja-C turns on Colin, so Colin must do everything he can to prevent C from obtaining his goal: the release of all the sensitive information the bureau had accrued.

Review: This first Ninja-K arc has been a world building wonder. Every issue seems to build upon the mythos of the great MI6 Ninja Programme, but it also creates its own shadows and mysteries. It is thrilling to see this happen so seamlessly. The primary question that Colin wants answered is revealed in a very satisfying way. Tragedy happens to all, especially people in espionage, but the state of Colin’s life is squarely his responsibility. Ninja-K has continued to make the choices he does because deep down he enjoys it; however, everything comes at a price. The price he must now pay in full. And while he may never leave the job he has, it is up to Colin to forge the life he wants outside of his life as a deadly spy.

The use of shadows is well executed in issue 6. There is no metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. These two agents of stealth and darkness travel deeper into the abyss. The only real light is meant to illuminate their enemies and obstacles. This use of dim lighting continues through the resolution. Colin may have found some of the answers he was looking for, but they do not give some bright key to solve his problems. Ninja-K must move towards the light himself.

If this first story arc gives us any indication of what is to come for the series, I believe readers will be in store for one hell of a ride.

Ninja-K #5
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