In Review: Ninja-K #4

In Ninja-G, the G stands for great!

Synopsis: As Colin continues to learn more about the Acclimation Bureau, his investigation leads him to the door of someone presumed dead. When he meets the famed former agent, he is met with violence. This is a woman who did not want to be found. After Colin convinces her that he just wants information, she informs him of her life with MI6, and how she moved from one programme to another. Her storied life is one of unwavering strength, and the overcoming of obstacles. Moreover, the information Ninja-G conveys is enough for Colin to decide to join the rogue Ninja-C in taking down the bureau that has brought them nothing but heartache and tragedy to agents.

Review: Ninja-K #4 has been the strongest issue yet. The world building comes across as completely genuine. Agent G’s induction into the Honeytrap program is an interesting way to show her force of will. Yes, she excelled in everything she learned, but she refused to completely compromise her sense of worth. This continued through her training with the Ronin. With the loss of her first great love, Agent G was set on a path that allowed her to leave the ninja programme with what so many retired agents lack, a life of their own.

Ninja-G is stunning. It isn’t just her youthful appearance. The character radiates confidence and power. As we follow agent G through her life, you see the young woman remain resolute. Even when she is overpowered by the Jonin, she remains unphased, and this is not always easy to convey that idea through multiple iterations. The color palate of issue #4 gives you perfect 70’s spy thriller, and it makes you want to watch a feature-length film on her exploits alone.

Full disclosure: I have been waiting for this issue. Who wouldn’t want to see a black ninja from the 70’s kick butt and take names? The issue did not disappoint, and I it is a firm reminder that this creative team is creating something special.

Ninja-K #4
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