In Review: Ninja-K #3

MI-6's dark secrets are laid bare.

Synopsis: Colin comes face to face with a relic from the past. Ninja-C has been the deadly assassin who has been leading Ninja-K down the deadly rabbit hole. Both men are deadly, and both have been forged through the grueling training provided by MI-6. However, this may not be the only thing MI-6 has done to alter the course of their lives. Ninja-C reveals just how far their employers went to retain their assets. The Acclimation Bureau has steered all of the Ninja programme’s assets to a life of isolation by any means necessary. This revelation will set Colin on an even more secretive and dangerous path to find the truth, yet the truth may be even to horrifying to learn.

Review: Ninja-K has done deadly deeds for the sake of his country and the world. His life has always been very complicated, but he assumed that it was the job that kept him isolated from love and friendship. With the discovery of the training school and the Acclimation Bureau, Colin begins to realize just how insidious his line of work can really be. MI-6 may have finally moved passed the tipping point for Ninja-K which speaks of the narcissism of the protagonist. Sure, he has saved the day time and time over, but he has also committed many violent acts. So when he realizes that he, himself, may have been egregiously wronged by those he has worked for. It here, contemplating the damage that his been done to him, Colin began to examine what kind of organization he has allied himself with.

I love seeing Ninja-K so expertly matched in the action scenes in issue #11. Every movement seems calculated. It is as if we are watching a high stakes chess match. The panels fit so well together. The reader begins to see how everything falls into place. Even the flashbacks seamlessly integrate themselves into the narrative. There is no warm coloring for the grim tales. The use of shadows drives home the point of how horrific these occupations are.

Be sure your sins will find you out. MI-6 has plenty of them, and readers have a front row seat for when Ninja-K finally makes his decision. This new series has failed to disappoint, and I doubt what is to come will either.


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