In Review: Ninja-K #2

Life, love, and a hail of ninja stars.

Synopsis: Colin is hot on the trail of the person murdering former MI-6 ninja agents. This deadly assassin knows the ins and outs of the program intimately. Ninja -K infiltrates the home of Madam Charade, a femme fatale and former lover of Ninja-D, to follow any leads she may have concerning the mystery killer. With the little information Charade dispenses, Colin locates a decommissioned MI-6 training facility. It is here that Ninja-K discovers the dark history of the training program, and the deadly legacy along with it.

Review: Ninja-K #2 could also be called days of our lives because it gives us a snapshots into the lives of past agents. From talking to barmaids in pubs, to fighting cybernetically enhanced adversaries, the reader is reminded that though these assassins are deadly, they have wants, needs, and breaking points. Ninja-D doesn’t just seem like a retired soldier. He is a fully realized person, and it makes the lost of him more poignant. Cut to Colin finding out how D and other MI-6 agents conscripted children to continue the program, and it further gives the characters and story a rich complexity.

Madame Charade is the most visually interesting character in issue #2. Seeing her go from a gorgeous vixen to old crone is hilarious, but it also serves another purpose. Charade looks amazing at first, and she exudes an air of nostalgia. Conversely, this beauty cannot be maintained when confronted with the immediacy of the present. Her face begins to melt right in front of Colin’s eyes. The idea of the past’s veneer giving way to the ugly truth is mirrored in the discovery of the child training facility. It looks very different from the facilities we have seen in the past from MI-6. There is not glitz or glamour; there is only the ugly sins of the past.

Ninja-K #2 is telling a complicated tale, so the way it must be structured is very specific. The creative team is hitting all of the marks of a great installment in the Ninja-K series.

Ninja-K #2
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