In Review: Nikola Tesla and the End of the World – Season 2

A wonderful continuation of 2015's first season

Synopsis: After inventing a pair of goggles that lets people see in four dimensions, physics student Harriet Goldring joins Nikola Tesla in working for a strange organization called the Multiverse Unification Agency. When Harriet and Tesla find themselves in trouble with an inter-universal death cult it’s up to Dr. Sophie Clarke to get them safely home.

Review: Released over the weekend was the second season of ‘Nikola Tesla and the End of the World’, which reunites original cast members and adds a few new characters in order to expand on the mind-bending timey wimey storylines to build upon what was established in the first season, which we reviewed last year.

The Story

The story picks up three years after the first season and sees scientist Sophie Clarke still investigating the strange machine, which briefly brought Tesla and the Robot Napolian to London of 2015. But her investigations into the nature of the machine have been cautious and she is now working from her new home of Brooklyn.

Much of Sophie’s investigations about the machine are through online forums and it isn’t until she meets up with Harriet Goldring that she begins to get a bit more ambitious. As the story unfolds they bring Tesla back and learn that he has been bouncing around different multiverse versions of London of his time period. As the team continues to investigate Tesla and Harriet get recruited into a clandestine and unscrupulous organization called the Multiverse Unification Agency, but things get really hectic when Harriet’s boyfriend follows her into the Multiverse and comes across an inter multiversal death cult, which could potentially destroy all Earths in the multiverse.

The Acting

Stephanie Sy is brilliantly geeky as Harriet and is immediately likable as she rather awkwardly introduces herself to Sophie and helps her with the multiverse device. Paul O’Neill makes a triumphant return as Tesla and gets a lot more to work with as he fleshes out the character and even plays a multiverse version of the character. Gillian MacGregor returns as Sophie but is somewhat less present due to much of her role being in present-day Brooklyn, which feels more like it is bookending Harriet and Tesla’s adventures in the multiverse.

The acting in general throughout this production is great.


Series creator and Ian Strang has done a wonderful job of building on what he did with the initial season. I loved how he used different multiverse locations to explore difficult subjects such as slavery. I also loved the brief and simple scientific explainer about how both 3D and 4D can be perceived by people.

Overall. I really enjoyed this second series of adventures and hope that Strang and his team at Zoot are able to do a third series where we can learn about the fate of Tesla.

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World – Season 2 should be available now on Amazon Prime and CBC Gem. If you are a fan of things like Doctor Who and Quantum Leap as well as other time travel and interdimensional shows like Sliders. Then you should really check this show out.

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World - Season 2
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