In Review: Newbury & Hobbes #4

An explosive end to the first comic outing of the steampunk detective duo.

Synopsis: An explosive end to the first comic outing of the steampunk detective duo.

Review: George Mann’s steampunk adventure with Newbury & Hobbes comes to a satisfying conclusion as the duo take on Archibald Knox atop one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

The Story

Picking up from where issue three left off with Victoria fussing over one of Knox’s many victims who happens to have a bomb planted on him. Newbury is deeply concerned and anxious to go after Knox who has left them a taunting message, which means that they’ll have to catch up with him at Big Ben. Newbury tells Victoria that the only way they can save her friend is by stopping Knox.

The duo’s journey through London o Big Ben is not very straightforward and involves taking on a number of Knox’s clockwork soldiers.

The Artwork

Dan Boultwood’s artwork in this issue can only be described as epic.

The artist has a lot to do with panels showing the horse and carriage carrying Newbury & Hobbes careen around corners as the pair sees off unwanted attention from Knox’s soldiers.

By far the best though is saved for last as Newbury takes on Knox in a dramatic fight along the clockface of Big Ben. The level of detail here is wonderfully realized. I especially liked the panel where all we see is the shadow of the two men fighting reflected in the clock face.


This was a satisfying conclusion to the comic book series, which sees Knox get away to fight another day, but he doesn’t get away with his crimes.

The revelation that Knox was using Queen Victoria’s interest in eugenics as a means to exploit her was a clever twist, which made us of Eugenics, which was a highly fashionable subject back then.

The issue ends with potential for another crime for the duo to investigate. I hope we get to see that one in a new comic series because I really liked these two characters and the world in which they occupy.


Newbury & Hobbes #4
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